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Situated between the east and the west, Lebanon is a culinary and cultural crossroad.Lebanon is located on the eastern most shore of the Mediteraranean in the Fertile Crescent, where western civilizations is said to have begun.The cuisine of the ancient land is diverse and stepped in history; both the eastern and western influences in its cuisine are apparent. The food of Lebanon is a celebration of life; it is fresh, flavourful, diverse and invigorating. The genius it’s in its complex simplicity, and that the food is a product of both the earth and the sea.

Falafel - Restaurant El Bacha

One of the social and entartaining aspects of Lebanese cuisine is the custom in which the food is served, it’s referred to as mezze.Similar to the tapas of Spain, mezze is an array of small dishes placed before the guests creating an awe-inspiring array of colours, flavours, textures and aromas.Mezze consist of many small dishes as pickled vegetables, hommous and smoked aubergine puree,grilled marinated seafood,skewered meats, and a variety of cooked and fresh salads; laid out for people to serve themselves. The Lebanese culinary experience could not be complete without dessert and coffee. We recommend Baklawa which is an exquisite flavoured pastry containing pistachio nuts and drizzled with a fragrant rose-water syrup, accompanied by strong and thick Lebanese coffee flavoured with cardamon.


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15% discount – for dining at the restaurant between 12-16

10% discount – for pick-up orders from the restaurant

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Restaurant El Bacha – the perfect location to enjoy your dinner